• Fairy dance Lea Fuchs Fairy dance Lea Fuchs
  • Joyful hope Joyful hope Lea Fuchs
  • Peaceful rest Peaceful rest Lea Fuchs
  • Vigilant guard Vigilant guard Lea Fuchs
  • Rave Rave Lea Fuchs
  • Lequattro Lequattro Lea Fuchs
  • Joyful hope Joyful hope Lea Fuchs
  • Hora Mare Hora Mare Lea Fuchs
14 Jul - 25 Jul 2021

Eternal Dance

People dance and have always danced – worldwide and at all times! Dance expresses what has always moved us: joy, sadness, love or gratitude. The body is the most important instrument of the dancers and at the same time the human body is a central, artistic theme for Lea Fuchs. Her paintings draw bright colors and strong contrasts with graphical - expressive elements. The exhibition “Eternal Dance" is a reflection on our over-rationalized society, which leaves little room for the irrational and dance. The exhibition focuses on dancing persons in which Fuchs questions the dominance of the rational and makes the intuition and feelings visible.
Artist Statement.
I’m a multidisciplinary artist, best known for high-contrast, strong, vibrant and balanced colorful paintings. Driving creative forces behind my work are Post Impressionism, Pop-Art, Japanese art, a remarkable sense of color and the fascination about the beauty of the things I see and feel every day. I don’t paint objects, but the emotions they produce on me. The mean is color. My aspiration is to create an art of joy, balance, and tranquility. My work should support the mind to calm and relax, something like a soft pillow which provides your head comfort and unfolds positive energy. The paintings are windows to the imagination. In a stressful, frantic world, I strive to create a calming retreat for the soul.
“By painting archetypal forms and enigmatic figures, Lea Fuchs explores social factors and gender constructions as a major aspect of the human condition. Her visual world opens the windows of perception of the 21st century person. Joyfully, these windows exist for both her and her viewers alike”.
Dr. Renée Gadsden, Art Historian
Lea Fuchs

Lea Fuchs

Currently lives and works in Saint Petersburg, Russia
Date and place of birth: 26th of September 1972, Sofia, Bulgaria, raised bilingual in German and
In 2012 I have graduated from the National University of Arts in Bucharest, painting department, class
of Prof. Petru Lucaci. In the following years besides exhibiting in Austria and abroad, I have founded
and developed the “Kunstforum Semmering”, a platform focused on international artists’ dialogue. My
work as illustrator and book editor unfolds creative potentials and exchanges with other art domains
like poetry and design.
2012 - Completed Master of Arts, Faculty of fine arts - Creative strategies in painting, National
University of arts in Bucharest, Romania, class of Prof. Lucaci
2010 - Completed Bachelor of Fine Arts, National University of arts in Bucharest, Romania, class of Prof.
1998 - Vienna University of Economics & Business Administration, Magistra of Economics, Vienna,
Solo exhibitions
Year 2019 - Queens (Personal exhibition, June 2019, Art Salon House Weiner, St. Petersburg, Russia)
Year 2018 - The Dance (Personal exhibition, Jun 2018, Florianihof, Vienna, Austria)
Year 2016 - Awakening of spring (Personal exhibition, April 2015, Gallery Artamontzev, Sofia, Bulgaria)
Year 2015 - Dare to dream (Personal exhibition, Juni 2015, Art Room, Vienna, Austria)
Year 2015 - Frozen in time (Personal exhibition, April 2015, Gallery Artamontzev, Sofia, Bulgaria)
Year 2014 - Fereastra (Personal exhibition, November 2014, Merikon Art Gallery, Vienna, Austria)
Group Exhibitions
Year 2018 – Power of art (Group exhibition, August 2018, Art Gallery Adriana, Vienna, Austria)
Year 2015 –Queen of hearts (Dialogue exhibition, Dec 2015, Kunstforum, Semmering, Austria)
Year 2015 – Quo vadis femina (Dialogue exhibition, July 2015, Austrian Parliament, Vienna, Austria)
Year 2015 – Women of Society (Dialogue exhibition, May 2015, VIC United Nations, Vienna, Austria)
Year 2013 – I colori della vita (Group exhibition, August 2013, Superflash, Torino, Italy)
Year 2012 – UNARTE`014 (Group exhibition, July 2012, MNAR, Peoples Palace, Bucharest, Romania)
Year 2011 – WITHin, WITHus (Group exhibition, June 2011, Caminul artei, Bucharest, Romania)
Year 2011 – UNARTE `011 (Group exhibition, April 2011, Iasi)
Year 2010 – Project 20 (Group exhibition, February 2010, Căminul artei, Bucharest, Romania)