• "2 Pac"- The King with the Hat Boyan Stoyanov "2 Pac"- The King with the Hat Boyan Stoyanov
  • Andy Warhol Andy Warhol Boyan Stoyanov
  • Audrey Hepburn "Forever Young and Pretty" Audrey Hepburn "Forever Young and Pretty" Boyan Stoyanov
  • "Biggie" Pop art Rap king "Biggie" Pop art Rap king Boyan Stoyanov
  • Daffy and Nike Daffy and Nike Boyan Stoyanov
  • Dali- "Is he real?" Dali- "Is he real?" Boyan Stoyanov
  • David Bowie David Bowie Boyan Stoyanov
  • Pablo Pablo Boyan Stoyanov
9 Jun - 20 Jun 2021

Pор culture icons

I like colors.. in nature, in art, in people. Life is not easy, there is good and bad, but everything turns and passes from one to another, which is why I express myself with juicy colors in my paintings. I love to make a portrait in an unconventional and colorful way.
I am fascinated by Pop Culture. Amazed by the influence that its representatives have in various aspects of our everyday life, I have presented some of my favorite singers, actors, fashion icons and artists in the colors in which I see and feel them.
Our world is changing in many ways, one of them is the digital art. I like the fact that you can express yourself very quickly with colors and shapes and see the final result of your idea. And I found my colleagues who use modern technology to print these ideas with acrylic paints and special printers on canvas.
Pop Art in the 21st Century. The world is changing so are we.

Boyan Stoyanov

Boyan Stoyanov

Was born in 1983.
Live in the town of Kostinbrod, Bulgaria.
I've been painting all my life and it's a way for me to express my inner emotions and deal with problems. There have always been artists and creative people in my family. As a child in the 90's, I was strongly influenced by the music culture and the comic style of expression. Graffiti and posters aroused interest with their styles: simple and spectacular.
I enrolled in an art high school majoring in graphics and poster, our teachers were also our friends who introduced us to many styles in graphics and painting. Since then I have been interested in portraits and how a person's soul can be painted. I have participated in the creation of covers for rock albums, commercials and projects with designers.
But Pop Art style and Andy Warhol are in the heart of my paintings. I don't like standard colors, but to present an image with a range of colors that I feel for this character.
I hope through them to reach new people and places, and bring them happiness.

I have several paintings in a C.J.Yao Gallery in Soho, New York.