15 Jun - 7 Jul 2019

Solar plexus

Alexander is worldwide known artist, unique and virtuosic master of water-color. His works are like vague dreams: recognizable architectural silhouettes flow through dreams about cities, people met in reality – fantasy personages. Solar plexus – is an emotional knot of power that like the spring may be compressed and expanded. It’s like the heart pumps blood energy within all the body and is a space of the human-being where the creator lives.

Opening will take place in June 15 – invitations only.

In the context of the exhibition the presentation of the artistic animated film «Snow summer» will be shown – final work of the student of the Saint-Petersburg University of the Cinema and Television (department of computer graphics and design) - Anastasiya Schuckina. The work was made on the basis of water-color sketches of Alexander Votsmush under the watchful eye of the docent of the department of computer graphics and design of Anastasiya Viktorovna Voronova.

In June 16 the artist will make free master-class for children «Plashes of sunlight». The participants will be able to know the secrets of skills of Alexander Votsmuch and open their new talents.  Age and art skills don’t matter, the most important – that the child love painting! Duration of master class - 3 hours, technique – watercolor. Good mood guaranteed! Materials for the master-class will be presented by the partner of the event – factory of artistic colors «Nevskaya palette».