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Dasha Rybina

She painted from childhood: all the walls in the house - up to the height where she reached, were painted with felt-tip pens. As a result, my parents pasted over the room with a draw paper to the height of my growth, and I drew.

According to my education, I'm a muralist. Monumentalism attracts a strong composition on which everything is built. In all general education is long: I studied for a total of 15 years.

“I love to draw from life, but all the time it is impossible to do. In those days, when while working I seat at the home and managed to redraw all the corners. Usually the main thing in the work "on the road" is to collect, capture all the bright emotional moments. And in the studio the work is more thoughtful, focused, leisurely - even if you use sketches from travels. Therefore, experiments and the search for new techniques and methods are what I do all the time.” So in the process of searching, a technique appeared, which became the author’s technological from Dasha named “Ink and Shower”. On a large sheets of paper ink is applied by special technology, dry up, and then quickly washed off with water streams. The result – is a reminiscent of giant prints or a photographs of the beginning of the last century, architectural landscapes, as if born by the forces of nature and the time, without the participation of the hands of the painter.

Dasha Rybina

11.07.1983 - was born in Donetsk

2004 - Graduated from Donetsk Art School with a red diplom.

2010 - Graduated from the National Academy of Arts and Architecture workshop of Professor M.A.Storozhenko. (Silver medal for the graduate work - "The Ordeal of Theophanes Greek")

During his studies, an active participant in republican exhibitions and plein airs.

Since 2011 - in Sevastopol, an active participant in exhibitions.

2011 - “Walk” joint exhibition with A. Votsmush, private gallery “Green Pyramid”; "Fortification Plein Air", " Ferryboat exhibition" in the framework of the festival "War and Peace".

2012 - the project “Simple Things”, Sevastopol M.N. Kroshitsky Art Museum; "Sailor and girl", the private gallery "Green Pyramid", a personal exhibition "About the Summer", Sevastopol M.N. Kroshitsky Art Museum, the project "Nyudni" private gallery "Green Pyramid", plein air "Art Concept-1."

2013 - exhibition of painters' association "Circus and Space" Phangan Island; plein air "Art Concept-2"; exhibition of young painters in the hall of the Sevastopol city organization of the National Union of Painter of Ukraine "5 centimeters", personal exhibition "Smell of the Sea" gallery MUSTart Moscow.

2014 - Joint exhibition with Alexander Votsmush "Noise of Fish", School of Watercolors “Brother Fox” in a Moscow. Personal exhibition "B/W" in Easel Gallery, St. Petersburg. Personal exhibition "Sandy Strip", gallery Green Pyramid, Sevastopol. Joint exhibition with Alexander Votsmush "Travel around the sun" gallery Babylon, Samara.

2015 - "Crossroads" joint exhibition with A.Votsmush, “Brother Fox” Gallery in a Moscow. Personal exhibition "Venetians windows", Green Pyramid Gallery Sevastopol. Personal exhibition "Kotor", “Molbert Gallery”, St. Petersburg; exhibition of two painters: Alexander Votsmush and Dasha Rybina "Business Trip - Montenegro", “Brother Fox” Gallery in a Moscow.