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    Óleo y técnica mixta
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    Óleo y técnica mixta
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4 Sep - 30 Sep 2018

Three Spanish Reasons to Love

Joint project with Crisolart Galleries Barcelona/New York and international art magazine Atmosphere.

To love... Whom? Or what? The exhibition name is so wide that it can cover everything in the world: people, nature, art... Three Spanish artists declare the love to life, each - in his/her own way.

Will Yaya, for instance. This artist is always in a constant intellectual search. He is experimenting with materials and techniques. He seeks inspiration from the works of Matisse, Schiele, Vermeer. He makes the wire flexible to show the outlines of faces and bodies. He puts the metal nuts together so that they resemble the cells of a living body. Curiously enough, in both cases the metal marks the shape boundaries - silhouettes, shells. Will YaYa focuses on searching for the boundaries, their destruction, interrelation of internal and external.

Light becomes the conductor between the two spaces. Due to the lighting, the two-dimensional wire drawing starts to interact with the environment. The moving shadows appear on the wall - and it seems that the work of art is giving birth to its own echo beneath our very eyes. The light goes through semi-transparent sculptures and falls on the audience. A human becomes a vessel which can draw from the environment or give back to it. Will YaYa takes himself as a mediator too, and his hands as an instrument which helps to bring to the audience the beauty of the Universe.

Next to the masculine intellectual world view, there is a female emotional one. Our experiences and behaviors have a lot in common with the animals behavior. So, Mercedes Castro Lomasdraws families of ducks, cats and fishes, and explores the themes of loyalty, love and motherhood with their help. Her works resemble a soft carpet - viscous brush strokes, blurred outlines, bright and clear colors. This is a real naive art, which looks like a children's painting, where the audience and nature exist in one world of experience.  Apparently, this is what the pure empathy looks like. 

In Alexander YaYaworks, also people and animals are interacting. But his fishes fly through the air and land in the hands of girls with blue hair, reminding you of a Fairy from a book about Pinocchio and the Disney princesses. What is Alexander YaYa's fairytale about? Perhaps, about a magic fish called inspiration which is so difficult to catch in the flow of vanity. 

Or, is it about the beauty moment stopped? About a dream so fragile that you can never hold it in your hand? Or about a woman who, like a magic fish, becomes a man's dream coming true?

The artist loves large planes of pure color, bright combinations, large forms. His paintings resemble a collage - the combination of  flat and volumetric, realistic and abstract ,smooth and textured painting. Yet the composition remains clear and concise. His works are well recognized, built on similar techniques. This series of paintings could decorate the interior, turn into prints on clothes, stained glass or jewelry. Alexander works as a designer who forms the environment around the person and makes it creative and positive. 

The exhibition presents three artists - three possibilities that are hidden in a human. The ability to explore the world, the ability to feel the world and ability to change the world. Three reasons which make us love life.

Mercedes Castro

Mercedes Castro

An artist from Madrid. She started drawing when she was less than three years old. Studied for four years at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of Arts in Madrid. Her works are kept in private collections in Europe and the United States. 


- National Award from the City Hall of Valencia

- National Award from the Council of the Province of Albacete

- ThirdBiennaleHueskaMedal

Pablo Picasso once said: "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up". Indeed, we lose something when we grow up. We learn more facts, learn to provide characteristics and gradually replace truth with accuracy. Objectivity of judgment becomes more important than the subject itself: we pull away from the world, and it becomes dry, gray, cold like a geometrical drawing. Spanish artist Mercedes Castro Lomas absolutely refuses from gray and boring. It is completely fruitless to look for naturalism in her works, but it's just these works that can return the audience the sense of a direct experience and admiration of the world, as in childhood. Although, knight, dragons, fantastic flowers are regularly present in the compositions, the main magic is not in them, but in the way they are drawn. The eye is immediately attracted by the soft play of colors. Mercedes fearlessly combines bright deep colors, uses contrasts, but almost never goes into discord. Chaotic at first glance, color spots, combination of multidirectional brushstrokes, drops and stains make her landscapes similar to abstract art. Yet, the artist never completely gives up on the figurative: swift brush strokes outline a wave, spots form fantastic mountain silhouettes. The most attractive thing in Mercedes works is a mysterious golden haze that covers all the objects and blurs the outlines. The light flashing awakens the dreaminess: a famous symbolist artists, Odilon Redon, used exactly the same technique. He depicted a dream world where everything is vague, fluid, unstable. But, unlike Redon's philosophical dreams, Mercedes art doesn't have sad or frightening images: everything is bright and joyful, as in a good fairy tale. And it is not by chance that all the animals on the paintings look like children's drawings - simple, naive and sincere. Cats hug each other and talk to each other, wearing turbans; birds dance in front of each other and swim in pairs; even cougars, leopards and snakes don't seem dangerous. Humanizing animals, Mercedes explores the themes of loyalty, tenderness and maternity. She reminds how we are all alike in the main thing: the ability to love and to be beautiful. Mercedes Castro Lomas speaks only about what can bring joy to the audience; and chooses the plots, colors and compositions according to this purpose. I must say, the desire to bring only joy and beauty is a rare phenomenon among modern artists; and I would like to thank the artist for such a warm attitude for the audience. Thanks to Mercedes' art, one can feel again the warmth towards the world, animals, people around; and a connection with everything in the world - a feeling lost by adults. 

Author of text: art critic Alexandra Konshakova, 2018

Will Yaya

Will Yaya

Will Yaya

I am an entrepreneur, born in Colombia in 1969. Painting, sculpture and jewelry art is my passion; i love large formats, texture and bright colors in my paintings, the presence of organic and natural forms in sculptures and jewelries. Passion for me is design; and how a composition, regardless of material, can stir audience's emotions.

Art has always been a part of me; since my childhood I knew that it would play an important role in my life. And I wanted to know as much as possible about art. My first personal exhibition was held when I was 14 years old. Since then, I've been learning something new every day.

After many years of working in art and around art, earning a living as an artist, I decided to move to the Netherlands to study art and new techniques. There I spent three years, having an opportunity to work with the artists in Oliffant  Kunstenart  Centrum in Nijmegen. At that time, the experience was  unique for me, a young Colombian artist. I love those years, they taught me a lot. It is amazing to see different results of different people when you work in one artistic team. 

I love art in all its forms. I love nature and the Universe. I believe that I received my talent  from God, and my hands are just a tool to create something beautiful in the world around us.  By using paint and canvas or other material, I try to show the love of nature and its blessing. For 25 years, my exhibitions have been held all over the world; but the main place is Barcelona, where my art gallery, CRISSOLART, and the gallery of wine art are situated;  and where visitors can taste the wine Torito, a home-produced wine from Conca de Barbera.


Alexander Yaya

Alexander Yaya

Alexander Yaya is an artist and sculptor from "Highbrow" art  association.

His sculptural works are metal and bronze given organic forms. Keeping the balance of the structure of real models, he develops a special look at anatomy. Alexander explores figurative images and abstraction, emphasizing color in his paintings. It can also be seen in his sculptures, which he completes with impressive colors. The image of the fish appears in the latest art series. Fish is a balance between man and nature, the beginning of life. The artist transforms this connection into inspiration. As a result, his work is full of romanticism, in this study of the connection between the animal world and a man, filled with color.