• Campo fiori rosa e mare Mauro Scanferla Campo fiori rosa e mare Mauro Scanferla
  • corretto 5 aprile corretto 5 aprile Mauro Scanferla
  • Fiume di colori copia Fiume di colori copia Mauro Scanferla
  • Laguna medio Laguna medio Mauro Scanferla
  • Muretto glicini Muretto glicini Mauro Scanferla
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  • Remembering when I was a little baby.... Remembering when I was a little baby.... Mauro Scanferla
8 May - 20 May 2018

Velvet painting

To fill the May holidays and weekdays with gentle and at the same time bright colors, enjoy the light works of the Italian master, we invite you to the opening of the personal exhibition of Mauro Scanferla. The beauty of the landscapes of the Italian province, the flowering mountains, the sensuality and tenderness of the Venetian lagoons, the mysteriousness of the forest trails are what you can bring to Russia thanks to the masterly technique of the master, paper and pastels.

Mauro was a student of the famous engraver, as is the case in traditional Italian art. Since 1975, he has been working in Milan, after that he has been living in Venice for a long time. This period particularly influenced the painter’s style of Mauro Scanferla. Here he meets with famous masters, finds his author's style. In the mid-80s, the painter moved to Ravenna where he studied technique, in which he writes works to this day. During this period, the master met with outstanding painter’s figures of Ravenna - Carlo Caporale - a famous engraver, a student of Giorgio Morandi. Their continued friendship inspires Scanferl to master new techniques and review their painter’s style.

Since 2013, Mauro longer works with pastels, creating a velvet painting. The master's works of art are very light, but at the same time textural, embossed and rather dense in color tonality. He skillfully plays with color, mixes techniques for more accurate painter’s representation of images, mood and state of mind.

Today, Mauro Scanferla, lives and works in Pennabili (Rimini province). For the painter, this turned out to be a landmark place, since Giotto worked for a long time in Rimini, and in 1502 Leonardo da Vinci came here, becoming the chief engineer and adviser to Cesare Borgia. This historical atmosphere and life in the city in which the masters of their work, were created inspired Mauro to create beautiful works.

Mauro Scanferla

Mauro Scanferla