• Bagration Wounded at Borodino Bagration Wounded at Borodino Valentin Melik oil on canvas, 370х270, 2010
  • Borodino Borodino Alexey Inozemtsev oil on canvas 60x120
  • 2012 2012 Alexey Chirkov mosaic, 2012
  • Near Borodino Near Borodino Evgeny Dubitsky oil pastel, 1992
  • P. I. Bagration P. I. Bagration Evgeny Sobolev
    •  toned plaster, 75х75х45, 2012
  • The Field of Borodino The Field of Borodino Evgeny Dubitsky oil pastel, 1992
  • Smolensk. Dnieper. Smolensk. Dnieper. Evgeny Dubitsky oil pastel, 1992
  • Smolensk. Kremlin. Smolensk. Kremlin. Evgeny Dubitsky oil pastel, 1992
  • Savior of Borodino Monastery Savior of Borodino Monastery Evgeny Dubitsky oil pastel, 1992
4 Sep - 20 Sep 2012

Through Centuries

Molbert Gallery presents an exhibition entitled "Borodino Through Centuries", dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the Napoleonic Wars of 1812, which brings together artists of different styles, techniques and genres.

The exhibition includes several unique projects, created specially
 for the anniversary.

Two of those are exhibited after the exhibition that took place in July 2012
in the State Museum of Vyborg: watercolors by Yuri Shevchik, Chairman of the St. Petersburg Society of Watercolorists and his colleagues, and the animation project entitled "Ladies and Hussars" by Anastasia Voronova, cartoonist and Professor
of St. Petersburg University of Cinema and Television.

Several other famous St. Petersburg artists will also present their work. Evgeny Dubitsky, a pastelist, whose works have been acquired by the State Hermitage, the Vatican Museum, the State Russian Museum, and other museums, will present his oil pastel series
 "The Field of Borodino."  These works were made by the artist in
1992, and had never been exhibited before.  Molbert Gallery will present these pieces to the audience for the first time. Evgeny Sobolev, St. Petersburg sculptor and faculty member of the Stieglitz Academy will participate in the exhibition along with other authors.

Alexey Chirkov's painted mosaic, entitled "2012," will be presented for the first time ever as well.
 In France year 2012 was announced the Year of Napoleon. This event inspired the artist to create a special work of art. This remarkable persona embodies the national pride, and has been a defining influence on many people.
 The artist reflected the merger of two epochs in this monumental piece of art. 
The work was first presented in Paris at an exhibition in Grand Palais, and now will be shown in St. Petersburg.

A monumental canvas entitled "Bagration Wounded" will be presented by a young Russian artist, graduate of the famous class of Andrey Mylnikov at the Russian Academy of Arts, Valentin Melik-Agamiryan. This grandiose work that measures three by four meters is permanently stored in the Academy's holdings.  This will be the first time the canvas will be shown to the public.

As with any project of the Gallery, this project's program will include lectures, open workshops
and meetings.

Yuri Shevchik

Anastasia Voronova

Evgeny Sobolev

Alexey Chirkov

Valentin Melik

Alexey Inozemtsev