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28 Nov - 7 Dec 2018

From Marc Chagall to Irina Markov Chagall

In June, Irina’s exhibition was successfully held in the Tel Aviv. Then the opening day was devoted to three holiday dates at once - the 70th anniversary of the independence of Israel, the Independence Day of Belarus and the Day of Russia, where ambassadors of three states took the solemn word.

The exhibition of Irina Markov - Chagall is not by chance held in the historical center of St.Petersburg - a great relative of the painter lived and worked here for several years.

All the pictures of the Israel painter are permeated with a mixture of completely different directions: Irina is inspired by symbolism, which she easily connects with realism and a light touch of philosophy. Critics say about her: “You jumped out like a hell out of shape, and you don’t even have an art education!”. However, Irina Markov-Chagall believes that a talented person does not need it: in addition to painting, the woman is interested in writing poetry, and also, publishes children's fairy tales.

“Each of my work is a conversation with the audience through the prism of symbolic forms. I combine the sharpness of images and the softness of the framing of hyperbolic forms so that such a symbiosis can fully tell an independent story and touch the soul of everyone who looks at the canvas, ”- Irina Markov-Chagall.

Irina is not only a worthy successor of the business of her famous grandfather, but also a woman with a steel character. The future painter realized her creative potential at the age of 58, having moved to Israel with her family. Irina's work was appreciated by Zurab Tsereteli, and the president of the Federal Jewish National Cultural Autonomy noted the significant contribution of the artist to social culture and the preservation of the heritage of the Jewish people..

Irina Markov-Chagall

Irina Markov-Chagall

The phenomenon of Irina Markov-Chagall is that she first took up a brush at the age of 58. In the case of Irina, there is no doubt that her success is due to family genes, which are often stronger than circumstances. And, the circumstances of the life of Irina Markov-Chagall did not always have to creativity. The story of Irina's family is tragic: Grandfather Naum was arrested and shotting in 1937, by a “stranger” coincidence at the very moment when his relative Mark Chagall received French citizenship. Irina's father at the time was half a year, and she and her mother, the painter’s grandmother, miraculously survived. All his childhood and adolescence, Irina's father bore the stamp of the son of "enemy of the people" on himself - with all the ensuing difficulties. Only when he was twenty years old, after the death of Stalin and the rehabilitation of the victims of Stalinist repression, was he able to go to college. By the way, Irina's father was named Mark in honor of the famous painter, without assuming that he would have to pay a considerable fee for kinship with the genius.

“You have to find your way as an painter, as an individual. And let the memory of your lost grandfather and the spirit of genius inspire you and your creativity,” said Irina's father