15 Dec - 30 Dec 2017


Gallery of the modern Asian art "10-Galleries" presents the work of South Korean painters:

Lee Gyeongnam, Lee Ying Ho, Kim Kwari, John Misung, Pak San Duk, Yu Te Kyn and Kim Il Te.

Each painter has his own unique style, but combines their love of life, self-assertion in their work, the ability to combine traditional Korean painting with modernity.

The works of many masters are known all over the world, and their exhibitions are periodically held in Russia. You can also read articles on contemporary Asian art, keep abreast of the latest exhibitions in Russia and abroad, as well as visit master classes by famous South Korean painters.

You can purchase any work exhibited in the Gallery, as well as make an order for work in the style you like. Subscribe to our store and you will be aware of the latest trends in contemporary Asian art. Since the originals of works are sometimes very expensive, you can order a poster from your favorite work, or in a version made of aluminum. You can become a member of our Club of Connoisseurs of Asian Art (CAI), and receive additional discounts, invitations to open exhibitions, as well as all relevant information about South Korean and Asian contemporary art. Read more on our website

CEO Jeon S.G