• First day in hell Beth Mohr First day in hell Beth Mohr
  • I can even swim 1 I can even swim 1 Beth Mohr 90 x 130 cm
  • I can even swim 2 I can even swim 2 Beth Mohr 90 x 60 cm
  • I don´t like Halloween I don´t like Halloween Beth Mohr 135 x 80 cm
  • Shower before bedtime Shower before bedtime Beth Mohr 150 x 100 cm
9 Oct - 28 Oct 2018

You remember?..

Beth Mohr is educated at Gerrit Rietveld Academie - the Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Beth is best known for her paintings, but she also works with sculptures, video, photos and collage.

In the recent years, Beth has found her very own impressionistic expression by making memories go into dialogue with the viewer. So the painting strikes into our all-together private experience andthus becoming general and personal to the viewer.

Beth Mohr has had more than 100 solo shows in Denmark and Europe. Characteristic are the major brush strokes, movement and energy in painting. The result is expressive paintings, expressive power loads, which nevertheless make thetimestop.

"In art, I do the general to my own and the individual to something common. My art goes in dialogue with the private and personal space and translates this into something common.

 Beth Mohr Lives and work in Copenhagen in Denmark.

 My artwork are based on human stories and memories. Memories that are clear and alive in this very moment. Or in a busy day, has come to rest among other  memories in the human unconscious.The beholder can be confronted with his own memories - and experience an emotional identification with the work. The work function as a mirror, a reflector that reflects the light. In today's centrifugal development, where everything is changing, man often drives with the flow, with his attention directed to the future. But the past is important.I understand the past as binary. As the geological layers deposited by earlier peoples, and deposits of memories in the human mind. The new layer on top - the oldest layers far below the surface. Physical and mental deposits as a starting point for our life. The past is a life-anchor. An anchor that gives man security - but at the same time it can prevent man from developing. Life experiences can create fear of the future and become a self-limiting factor and prevent us to see the opportunities which lie ahead. But we have to remember - The past brings meaning into the present. We have to know the past. Learn from it. Confront it. And visualize the our past as the startingpoint for our future life. And make the changes that we need.

Beth Mohr

Beth Mohr