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2 Oct - 7 Oct 2018

My homeland. The poem lines and colors

This collection is formed by studying the aesthetic structure of the Persian calligraphy in order to achieve a new and modern composition. The Persian calligraphy for me is more than the alphabet, it is a unique structure of the Iranian architectural and mystical curves, and these features make me more enthusiastic to discover the values of the image on this calligraphy.

Acrylic is the executive technique of the works .some pieces are executed on Iran velvet textile and some pieces on convas.

My homeland, poem and color, is the title of this collection, which includes the plans of nature of which its blatant elements of the form are derived from letters and colors .My interest in the literature of Iran and the study of poetry in praise of nature led me to the formation of this collection.

Mahnaz Jabri

Mahnaz Jabri