A gallery downtown St. Petersburg

The art gallery “Molbert” was founded in 2010 in the historical center of Saint-Petersburg, the Capella Yards.

The gallery has already hosted more than 1000 art events. These are various exhibitions, lectures, master classes and performances, creative encounters, evenings of theatre, poetry and music, various kid’s events and round tables. Thanks to the efforts of the “Molbert” gallery, more than 200 artists were introduced in the Russian and global arena.

It’s been more than eight years already, when the gallery has been promoting the modern domestic art and introducing foreign artists in Russia. One of the main activities of the gallery is to involve the audience in cultural events as well as to unite the art community and successful people from different fields. The gallery is actively developing cultural linkages between countries by means of organizing art exhibitions.

One of the most significant achievements of the gallery was it’s participation in the European biennale of the modern art (Manifesta10), with more than 35 international projects supported by foreign curators and artists as well as exhibition projects in collaboration with government institutions: museums, embassies and consulates, the Russian Cultural Center.

The gallery is located in the heart of Saint-Petersburg, between the “Hermitage” and the “Russian Museum”. An old house, which was built in the end of XIX century, where the gallery is placed, earlier was a part of Capella building complex, created by the architect Leon Benois. Such eminent personalities of the Russian culture like N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov, M.F. Geisler, V.V. Chaplina, B.F. Guslisty lived and gave lessons in this house.

Order a Picture

Paintings make remarkable and memorable gifts. In our gallery you can order a painting for yourself or your friends and family. Artists that are affiliated with our gallery, work in different genres: from portraits and still-lives to multi-figure paintings and abstract compositions. Each of the artists is unique and individual, and you will most likely find among them an artist whose ideas and imagery are close to your preferences and tastes.

Forming a Collection

Molbert Gallery has been working to build a collection of works of talented artists, and we regularly acquire the best pieces from the events that are held at our gallery. We are happy to offer art collectors a chance to study the works of promising young artists and add to their collection the pieces that in the future could become a good investment.

Interior Design

The gallery staff will be happy to assist you in choosing works of art you can use in interior design in a variety of styles, from classic to modern. We offer interesting solutions for designers, using various kinds of art: paintings, drawings, stained glass, sculpture, photography, frescos, etc. We also provide architectural design services.

Hosting Events

The gallery space combines the classic interior design and a well-equipped modern conference room, which allows us to host creative events, business meetings and presentations, as well as celebrations. We also offer music, catering, photographing and video recording services.