9 Sep - 20 Sep 2015


Behind every old door a mystery lives!

We will reveal you the secret of Oriental artists.

You will OPEN YOUR IRAN without leaving a thousand miles away.

You will take a small piece of Ancient Persia with you.

Recently, we can observe that mutual interest in traditions and culture between Iran and Russia is growing. For several years, Montmartre has been presenting various forms of Iranian art in Saint Petersburg. And this festival, we hope, will serve to strengthen ties between our countries. We invite to the festival all those who are interested in the original culture of this ancient country, the heiress of Persian art; and we intend to introduce it to as many people as possible. During the festival, thematic meetings will be held; representatives of St. Petersburg Society of Disabled People will attend them among other participants. Fundraising in support of the program "I get to know the world in colors" (running art workshops in orphanages during a year), established by the creative union "Montmartre", will become one of the festival good traditions. We are glad to remind that there is a flexible system of discounts for the entrance ticket (which includes participation in a master class, watching an art movie and an excursion). 

Iranian contemporary art is represented by famous artists and craftsmen from Isfahan and Tehran. Among all fields of Islamic art, calligraphy is the most popular one. According to the Prophet's sayings, a calligrapher who rewrites the Holy Book of Islam (Quran) with beautiful handwriting, will enter the paradise. Calligraphy is usually considered to be a manifestation of the human spiritual principle in all its splendor, for the beauty and magnificence of writing is a kind of expression of the purity of a person's inner world. Persian miniature in fine art is a small painting, featuring high level of detail. The term "miniature" refers to Oriental painting, where the rules of perspective and anatomy are not followed. The plots are based on Persian motifs: works of poets (Firdousi, Hafiz Shirazi, Saadi, Omar Khayyam), various literary works (Shahnameh, "Khosrow and Shirin", "1001 nights"), folk tales. In order to better introduce different fields of arts of their country, the artists will teach master classes, revealing their secrets. For Saint Petersburg citizens and guests of the city, magnificent handmade products will be presented: natural wool carpets, brass embossing, camel bone boxes, turquoise tableware, inlaid picture frames, etc. Also, in "Molbert" Art Gallery space, colorful cartoons about art and an art movie about life of Iranians, will be shown during the festival, to make an event interesting for all ages. During the festival audience will take a fascinating journey to the Orient, and will observe how naturally and harmoniously the Oriental style objects fill the usual European space with special color. 

"Round tables" - thematic meetings with Saint Petersburg artists and designers - will be held during the festival. We will be glad to communicate and to accept interesting proposals in order to expand the cultural program. 

2nd  Annual international Festival of Iranian Art "OPEN YOUR IRAN" Schedule


12:00 - opening of the gallery

12:30 - 13:00 - art cartoons

13:00 - 15:00 - art movie "A piece of sugar"

15:00 - 16:00 - master class

18:00 - 19:00 - master class

20:00 - closing of the gallery

September 15, 19 at 19:00 LECTURE (by entrance tickets) about the Oriental color in modern interior by guest designer Elena Shevtsova


September 12 - closed

September 9, 20  - to 17:00

September 16  - master class at 18:00 cancelled

Registration for master classes by phone: 438 01 14 (the number of places is limited)


Adults - 350 rubles

Retirees, school pupils  - 150 rubles

Preschoolers - free 

Tickets available at the gallery and at the city box offices

Project manager:

"MONMARTR" Creative Union

Elena Verkhovskaya and Irina Yadrikhinskaya, 

Information support of the project:

Chief curator on the Russian Museum gardens Olga Cherdantseva

Correspondent of the Radio "Voice of Iran" in Moscow Aida Soboleva