10 лет галерее

"Molbert" art gallery began its activities in 2010, the grand opening took place on January 7, 2011.

During its existence, the gallery held more than 1,000 art events. These are exhibitions, lectures, master-classes and performances, creative meetings, theatrical, poetic and musical evenings, various children's events, and "round tables". And it presented more than 200 artists at Russian and international venues.

The main task of the gallery is to popularize the contemporary Russian art and present the foreign art in Russia, to attract new audiences and interest the viewer in cultural events, to unite both artists and successful people actively involved in various fields.

The most significant projects of the gallery include international projects with the participation of foreign supervisors and foreign artists, exhibitions in cooperation with government agencies: museums, embassies and consulates, institutes and RSCC.

The gallery is located in the center of St. Petersburg, between the Russian Museum and the Hermitage, in the Capella Yards. The old house of the end of the XIX century, in which the gallery is located, was previously part of a single complex of Capella buildings created by the architect Leonty Benoit. Many prominent personalities of Russian culture lived and taught in this house, such as: N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov, M.F. Geisler, V.V. Chaplin, B.F. Guslisty. Address: Bolshaya Konyushennaya st., 11 or Moyka River emb., 20. Capella Yards.


"Molbert" art gallery actively cooperates with foreign artists and galleries. The gallery has more than 35 international projects.
One of the activities of the gallery is the development of cultural ties between countries through the organization of art exhibitions.


The award of the Grand Prix of the Cannes Film Festival Les off de Cannes to artist Alexei Chirkov for a portrait in the technique of the pictorial mosaic "Chevalier de la palme d'or", 2012
. The event was organized jointly with the French Association for the Support of the Arts Stella Art International with participation in the cultural program of the Cannes Film Festival.

"Parisian nuances" exhibition, 2013. Was held in the Titian Hall of the Scientific Research Museum of the Russian Academy of Arts of St.Petersburg in the framework of cultural exchange between Russia and France. The exhibition is organized together with Galerie Art et Miss (Paris). The exhibition was attended by 20 artists.

"Roads in time and space" exhibition, 2014. Two sculptors - Andrei and Vladimir Hoffman, born in the family of Russian émigrés, descendants of the famous Pushkin scholar Modest Lyudvigovich Hoffmann (1887-1959).
Exhibitions of the Hoffmann brothers are held annually in the gallery to the present.


Exhibition and performance by the famous Belgian artist Denis de Gloir (Denis de Gloire) "New Jackson Pollock", 2014. The exhibition was held in the framework of cultural exchange between the two cultural capitals of Russia - DEVE Gallery Bruges - Moscow with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium in the Russian Federation and the Consulate General of Belgium in St. Petersburg.


Personal exhibition of the Italian pastelist Mauro Scanferl "Velvet Painting", 2018. In the framework of the exhibition, a master class with an artist was held


The solo exhibition by photographer Diego Blanco “Floating woman”, 2017.

The exhibition of Diego Blanca continued in the State Academic Capella from November 30 to December 14, 2018.

"Three Spanish reasons to love", 2018. Exhibition of three Spanish artists, active participants in international fairs
Joint project with the Crisolart Barcelona/NewYork galleries and with the international art magazine Artmosphere

The exhibition "Three Spanish reasons to love", 2018 after Molbert art gallery found interest to be represented at the Blagoveshchensky Business Center, in the halls of the Central Management Company under the direction of the Russian athlete Kostya Tszyu

Exhibition of two  artists Alexander Votsmush and Darya Rybina in Barcelona, May 17 - June 9, 2019, in the gallery "Crisolart"


Swedish-Russian caricature exhibition "Face to face with the climate", 2011
. The exhibition was organized jointly with the Consulate General of Sweden and was held as part of the Nordic Week in St. Petersburg.

Personal exhibition of Howard Brooks, hyperrealism, 2013. The exhibition was held in the framework of the "Art of Sweden" project.

Exhibition of Malinda Damgaard hats, 2013. Malinda, a student of the famous designer Philip Treacy, was named “The Best Accessories Designer” by the Swedish ELLE. The exhibition was held in the framework of the "Art of Sweden" project.


Munich Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg, "Stories of 20 hands", 2013. (A joint project of artists of the Munich Academy of Arts - an exhibition of photographs, paintings, installations, sculptures, media art)

Personal exhibition of the German artist and author of children's books Daniela Kulot "Happy. Bright. Other", 2014 The exhibition was held as part of the 11th German Week in St. Petersburg. Joint project with the Consulate General of Germany in St. Petersburg and the Russian publishing house Polyandria

Daniela Kulot's exhibition was continued in the State Museum "Vyborg Castle", 2014.
The exhibition was a great success and, in connection with this, was donated to the collection of art of the Vyborg Castle.

Czech Republic

The exhibition of Czech artists Svetlana Kurmaz and Alexander Sokhta "Complex simple", 2012.

Exhibition of works by Marketa Mazantsova, 2012. 
The exhibition was held with the participation of the Czech Consulate General on the Days of Czech Art in St. Petersburg.


Exhibition project with the participation of young Russian and Romanian artists "Artificial life", 2014.
It was held in the framework of the Parallel program MANIFESTA 10, in cooperation with the Moscow gallery 21 and the Romanian gallery Nasui Collection & Gallery


The solo exhibition of the Danish artist Beth More “Do you remember?”, 2018.
As part of the exhibition, a master class with an artist was organized. At the opening of the exhibition, the artist received an invitation to transfer her picture to the permanent collection of the Museum of the Mother in Kalyazni. The concept of the exhibition is to recreate memories from childhood, to return to the past of our country. The plots are based on photographs of people of the Soviet era.

The exhibition is planned to be presented in Moscow in 2019.


Los Angeles, California, 2016, personal exhibition of the Crimean artist Alexander Votsmush in the Gallery Nucleus with the participation of the "Molbert" art gallery. As a result of the exhibition, the artist was invited to work with Pixar Animation Studios.

Pittsburgh. Participation of Alexander Votsmush in the Watercolor Biennale 2016

Los Angeles, CA, 2017, Alexander Votsmush solo exhibition

South Korea

Exhibition of modern South Korean artists "The country of morning freshness inks and colors", 2017. The project is presented by the gallery of contemporary Asian art "10-Galleries". A series of master classes was organized as part of the exhibition.

In the framework of SALON BLANC, 2017, St. Petersburg artists are represented by Galina Pisareva (her works are in the permanent collection of the Russian Museum) and Pavel Eskov


The exhibition of Chinese artist, Professor Ma Zhiming "Fingerprints of the East", 2017.
The exhibition was timed to the Day of Education of the People’s Republic of China. In the framework of the exhibition, a master class “The True Appearance of Time - Analysis of Ma Zhiming Oil Painting” was held. The master class was attended by over 50 people.

The solo exhibition of the Hong Kong artist Christina Tung "Inspiration", 2018.

The project was also presented at the exhibition venue in the Scientific Research Museum of the Russian Academy of Arts, 2018


Personal exhibitions of the Japanese artist Hino Terumi “Kabuki Theater”, 2015, 2016, dedicated to Russian and Japanese ballet. Within the framework of the exhibition, workshops were held in the Japanese calligraphy technique. 
April 23, 2015, students of the University after Herzen, together with the dean, TP Chagovets visited the "Molbert" gallery and met with the Japanese artist Hino Terumi. Hino-san told about Japanese culture and presented her autographed sketches to the students.


II Annual International Festival of Iranian Art “Open Your Iran”, 2016. Iranian art was presented by famous artists from Isfahan and Tehran. The festival shows cartoons and a documentary about the simple life of Iranians. The project was organized jointly with the creative union MONMARTR with the information support of the Russian Museum.

Personal exhibition of Iranian artist Makhnaz Jabri "My Homeland. Poem of lines and colors", 2018. During the exhibition, the artist held a performance with traditional and modern calligraphy techniques and a lecture “From ancient to modern Persian calligraphy”


Personal exhibition of Israeli photographer Nathan Bar "Dialogue with Old Masters", 2011. Comparison of modern life with the images of works of great artists of the Middle Ages - Bosch, Bruegel, Zurbaran, Durer, and other masters.

Group exhibition of 29 Israeli artists "In the footsteps of Chagall in Israel", 2012. The exhibition was timed to the 125th anniversary of the birth of Marc Chagall and was held in the "Days of Israeli art and culture in St. Petersburg"

Creativity genes: from Marc Chagall to Irina Chagall. Russia's first exhibition of works by Irina Markov-Chagall, the great-niece of Marc Chagall. The exhibition is held with the support of the Consulate General of Israel in St. Petersburg.


The solo exhibition of the Petersburg artist Pavel Eskov "From Russia with Love", 2017, Russian Center for Science and Culture in New Delhi
The exhibition is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and India. The event was organized jointly with the Representative Office of Rossotrudnichestvo and the St. Petersburg Center for Humanitarian Programs.




 Juicy, bright, own! Olympics in Sochi through the eyes of Russian artists, 2014, a traveling exhibition.
Artists of the gallery Molbert visited the Olympics and created works based on their own, lively impressions of one of the most significant events in Russia. 
- the first exhibition was held in the Molbert gallery
- was further submitted to the CH after Gas at the opening of the All-Russian Spartakiad 
- further on the site of the Committee for Physical Culture
- further in Moscow gallery D.E.V.E.

2. Competition of young artists "400 years of the House of Romanov"
The competition was held in St. Petersburg from March 20 to July 11, 2013 by "Molbert" art gallery under the auspices of Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna, with the direct participation of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists, the "Imperial Gardens of Russia" festival, the Culture Committee of St. Petersburg, "Neva Palette" art paints factory 
- The selection of the first round was made on the basis of electronic applications of participants. 300 applications were reviewed. 
The works of the participants in the competition, which took place in the second round, were exhibited in the Small Hall of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists; 
The winners of the competition were determined by the members of the Commission of the Union of Artists, professors of art universities and visitors of the exhibition by the method of evaluating the “audience award”.
The works of winners and laureates were presented in the halls:
- Smolny Cathedral,
- State Museum "Vyborg Castle",
- Elena Obraztsova Cultural Center in St. Petersburg,
The presentation of the project “400 years of the House of Romanov” was held at the International Festival “Imperial Gardens”, organized by the Russian Museum in the Mikhailovsky Garden.

The laureates of the competition were awarded valuable prizes, awards and cash prizes.

3. Exhibition of young St. Petersburg artists dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the lifting 
of the Siege of Leningrad, January 27, 2014

The Great Patriotic War left a mark in the hearts of many generations of Leningraders. On January 27, in honor of the Day of lifting the Siege of Leningrad, an exhibition of young St. Petersburg artists was held in the State Academic Capella of St. Petersburg, timed to the concert program “Songs of War and Victory”. The exhibition presented works by F. Ivanov, A. Tyshchenko, S. Danchev and other masters of the Petersburg Academic Realistic School.

Borodino. A look through the centuries, September 2012
The exhibition “Borodino. A view through the centuries" dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the Patriotic War of 1812 was presented in the hall of "Molbert" art gallery.



The Russian Museum

Imperial gardens of Russia. Mikhailovsky garden

presentation of the project “400 years of the House of Romanov”

Imperial gardens of Russia. Mikhailovsky garden
Within the framework of the VII International Festival "Imperial Gardens", the installations of "Molbert" art gallery "Alice in Wonderland" and "Through The Looking-Glass And What Alice Found There" were presented in the competitive program. The installation was made according to the sketches of the Moscow contemporary artist Yuri Vashchenko to the works of Lewis Carroll.

Imperial gardens of Russia. Mikhailovsky garden. 10 AVANGARDENS festival
"Molbert" art gallery presented the project "Walks", which included the objects of two authors. “Walking inside” Vladimir Hoffman, sculptor from Paris, and “Walking inside a red flower” by Andrei Punin, a Petersburg artist. At the end of the festival, the project “Walks” was awarded the prize “Laureate”, which entered the top three prizes of the Imperial Gardens of Russia, the Russian Museum.


Exhibition project with the participation of young Russian and Romanian artists "Artificial life", 2014, in the framework of the Parallel program MANIFESTA 10, in cooperation with the Moscow Gallery 21 and the Romanian gallery Nasui Collection & Gallery

The Hermitage-Vyborg Exhibition Center, a personal exhibition of artist Dmitry Permyakov’s gallery “Everything is OK with us”, 2015

Participation in the project dedicated to the world premiere of the Lenora Opera. Exhibition of young artists, inspired by the plot and history of the ballad "Lenora", by German composer I.R. Tsumshteg based on poems by the German poet G.A. Burger, 2013

Union of Artists

Exhibition of the winners of the contest of young artists "400 years to the House of Romanov"

Exhibition Hall of the Government of the Leningrad Region "Smolny"

Exhibition of laureates of the contest of young artists "400 years to the House of Romanov"

Exhibition "Petersburg Wednesday" in Smolny Cathedral, 2013
The exhibition is dedicated to the 310th anniversary of St. Petersburg, the 300th anniversary of the Holy Trinity Alexander Nevsky Lavra, the 400th anniversary of the House of Romanov, and demonstrates the work of the authors and heroes of the publications of the "Petersburg environment" Almanac

State Academic Capella

The solo exhibition of Pavel Eskov "City above the Neva", 2016

Exhibition of floristic installations, 2013

Exhibition of young St. Petersburg artists dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the lifting of the Siege of Leningrad, 2014.

State Exhibition Hall "Art Izmailovo", Moscow

Exhibition of Petersburg artists "Life and Being",
160 works of 14 Russian authors were presented. 

The solo exhibition by Pavel Eskov

Russian Center for Science and Culture in New Delhi, India

Personal exhibition of landscape painting by Russian artist Pavel Eskov "From Russia with Love", 2017.

Scientific and Research Museum of the Russian Academy of Arts 
of St. Petersburg

Exhibition "Parisian nuances", 2013, Titian Hall

The solo exhibition of the Hong Kong artist Christina Tung "Inspiration", 2018.

St. Petersburg State Institute of Cinema and Television

Within the framework of the personal exhibition of the St. Petersburg watercolorist Vladimir Kolbasov, a presentation of the animated film “The City” was created, created for his watercolors by students of the computer graphics and design department. This project was carried out in close cooperation with the master and received the audience's love and awards at international festivals, 2013

Exhibition of student work within the project “Borodino. A look through the centuries", September 2012

St. Petersburg Art and Industry Academy named A. L. Stiglitz
and Imperial Academy of Arts

The exhibition "Behind the Curtain", dedicated to the World Theater Day, 2013 
Students of the I.P. Repin Academy of Arts presented the models of theatrical scenery; and professors and students of the Stieglitz Academy - unique theatrical dolls, art objects.

Munich Academy of Arts

Student exhibition "Stories of 20 Hands", 2013.

Many gallery projects are supported by the Culture Committee, Embassies and Consulates in St. Petersburg. 
And some projects were supported by the Russian Academy of Sciences and the UNESCO International Organization (exhibition of V.Afanasyev).


Another area of the gallery’s activities is cooperation with the best Russian publishing houses and presentation of books with illustrations by contemporary artists - promotion and support of the book’s culture.

Publishing house "Vita Nova"

Personal exhibition of Oleg Mikhailov, 2013. The works of the artist made for the book “Tsar-Fish, V. Astafiev"

On the eve of the anniversary year of Viktor Petrovich Astafyev, the publishing house “Vita Nova” published one of the most significant works of the writer - the story in the stories “Tsar-Fish”. The book was released in the series of "Manuscripts" dedicated to literary works with a complex publishing fate. The passage of the publications of “Tsar-Fish” was painful for the author, the text was subjected to severe censorship. And even in such a distorted form the book deserved the love of readers and was published many times. The latest edition of the book without censorship is published in the new edition.

The solo exhibition of Yuri Vashchenko "Vacation of Common Sense", 2014

For the first time in St. Petersburg, the exhibition presents original illustrations created by the author in different years. The exhibition also has books with these drawings, which have already become a bibliographic rarity. The impressive result of the work of Yuri Vashchenko is a graphical suite based on the works of Lewis Carroll “Alice in Wonderland” and “Alice Through the Looking Glass”, which includes 21 etchings of author coloring. Part of the exhibition is devoted to other English literary tales of the Victorian era. New works by Vaschenko on the themes of the fairy tales of Charles Dickens, Edward Lear, George MacDonald, James Matthew Barry were first published in the book "Tales of Victorian England." 


The exhibition includes more than 50 works by Mikhail Shemyakin to the poems and songs of Vladimir Vysotsky.
The illustrations and their versions are made specifically for the publication of the book “Two destinies” (SPb .: Vita Nova, 2011). 
The book includes poems and lyrics of Vysotsky, 42 illustrations by Mikhail Shemyakin - according to the number of years Vysotsky lived - as well as the artist’s memories of friendship with the poet. Illustrations made in the technique of giclee signed and numbered by the artist. The graphical suite of these works has been released in 5 copies and will not be printed.

Children's literature publishing house "Polyandriya".

As part of the 11th “German Week in St. Petersburg”, the personal exhibition “Happy. Bright. Other" by German artist Daniela Kulot. There were 3 series of books presented.
At the exhibition of the German artist and author of children's books Daniela Kulot, viewers were able to get acquainted with the artist’s illustrations for her series of books about a small Crocodile who fell in love with a tall Giraffin. Bright and surprisingly touching illustrations of Daniela Kulot tell about heart torments, disappointments and happiness - to be together. With humor and sympathy, she describes the difficulties that lie in wait for this unusual pair.
The exhibition is organized by the Consulate General of Germany.

Publisher "Planet of Music".

A series of books by Konstantin Sterkhov: Aquarelle craftsmen. FROM EAST TO WEST.

Exhibition of works by the best watercolorists from private collections and the Russian winners of the Biennale in Shenzhen:

1. Aquarelle craftsmen. Conversations with aquarellists. From classic to modern painting.
2. Aquarelle craftsmen. Conversations with aquarellists. On both sides of the Great Wall.
3. Aquarelle craftsmen. Conversation with aquarellists. The element of water.
4. K. Sterhov. Aquarelle. Tutorial
5. K. Kuzema. Aquarelle.
6. E.Dubitsky. Pastel.
7. Sculpture in time and space. Andrei and Vladimir Hofmans (Planned exhibition in 2019)
As part of book presentations, exhibitions of artists included in the books were organized.

Exhibition to the book of A.S. Pushkin "Peasant Girl".

Private Edition. Illustrations by Alexander Voitsekhovsky. 
On an opening day, more than 200 people visited the exhibition.




Organization of exhibitions of Russian émigré artists living now in France
1. Anatoly Putilin, a famous Leningrad nonconformist artist.
2. Hereditary Russian nobleman Valentin Afanasyev, a participant in the sensational underground exhibitions of the 70s in Leningrad.
3. Brothers Andrew and Vladimir Hoffman, famous French sculptors.

Charitable project "Smiles of St. Petersburg Stars"
Assistance to the Children's Regional Clinical Hospital: collected funds for the purchase of special refrigeration equipment for storing drugs. 
We attracted the elite of St. Petersburg business, famous Petersburgers from the world of theater, cinema, and music, agreed with the photographer Vasyukova Margarita and made unique portraits of these stars. Joint project with the dental clinic "Aura".

The memorial exhibition of Igor Kravtsov - Petersburg painter, teacher of the Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture in the workshop of monumental painting under the guidance of Professor A.A. Mylnikov.

Participation in the architectural week Design Week

Exhibitions dedicated to the World Theater Day

Solo exhibitions of Russian artist Gelya Pisareva, whose works are in the permanent collection of the Russian Museum

Exhibitions under the supervision of a well-known Petersburg art historian, head of the Newest Trends Department of the State Russian Museum, Honored Art Worker of the Russian Federation, member of the St. Petersburg branch of the AIS - Alexander Borovsky, 2014:
1. Exhibition of Petersburg artists Igor and Elena Kulik "PULP FICTION"
2. Group exhibition of famous Petersburg artists-abstractionists




Over the years, "Molbert" art gallery built trust-based partnerships with the St. Petersburg and All-Russian media. Over the years, exhibition projects were supported by: 
- newspapers: "Metro", "My area", "Evening Petersburg";
- magazines: "Country Residence", "Living Environment", "Secular Petersburg", "Where", "Infoscope", "On Nevsky", "Turnkey", "Sapsan", "City Review", "City 812", etc.
- Many television channels of St. Petersburg covered the opening days of artists and social projects of the gallery. Channel 100 TV was a frequent guest in "Molbert" art gallery in 2012-2013. Four TV channels told at once about the project "Yards of St. Petersburg" organized by the gallery together with the "Turnkey" magazine in 2013: RTR, 1 channel, NTV and 100TV.

In 2015, the same channels highlighted the exhibition, which is taking place within the framework of the parallel program MANIFEST. TV channel "St. Petersburg" in 2015-2017 was an information partner of solo exhibitions: Anatoly Putilin, Alexander Votsmush, Ma Zhimin. Artists were guests of the morning airs.

Channel 1 and channel 78 widely highlighted the exhibition of Majorcan photographer Diego Blanco. Also, there were reports about Oleg Mikhailov's exhibition on channel 1 and the Moscow channel “Dialogues on Fishing” in 2017. Collaboration with TV channels continues. 

There are announcements of exhibitions on channel 78 and in the program "Artifacts" on the channel "St. Petersburg". Radio stations - Ekho Moskvy, Radio Hermitage, Radio Russia, Radio Petersburg. Internet portals: ArtTube; Geometria.ru; Kuda-spb; Atawaka.ru; Kudago.ru; "The cat will find" and others. Also ongoing work with groups in social networks: in VK, Facebook, Instagram and gallery site www.molbertgallery.ru.

Permanent information partner of the gallery since 2015. The publishing house “Planet of Music” has created a series of videos on Youtube hosting with interviews of artists exhibited in "Molbert" art gallery.

Since 2017, Art-360 ͦ has been conducting a virtual tour of gallery exhibitions.